An easier way to prevent applicant fraud, and make you look good.

  • Reduces application fraud by 35% within four months
  • 99.8% accuracy in detecting fraudulent documents
  • Trusted by 8 of the Top 10 property management companies

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Over 6M+ documents scanned making us the #1 document fraud detection company on the planet.

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Learn how to prevent evictions + bad debt with Snappt

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See how much you can save:

Savings* $1,283,280

Snappt Eviction Rate* 2.33%

Portfolio Value Increase* $25,665,600

Annual Cost* $144,000

ROI* 891%

*Estimate based on average current client value using Snappt.

That’s right – these numbers are legit!

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How does Snappt integrate with my current leasing process?

We have built Snappt to seamlessly be a part of your process. Our Founders come from the Property Management industry and have been leasing agents themselves, so we have designed everything to make it simple for you. Check out How Snappt Detects Fraud to learn more.

Built for Real World fraud detection.

100% of all Banking, Payroll, and Utility companies supply documents in PDF only, making it the single guaranteed document verification method.

We have a database of over 2,000 documents that every document gets checked against, and our technology returns a report on their authenticity.

This greatly accelerates your leasing decisions and saves your leasing team hours reviewing documents each week.


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Snappt: Highest Rated Company

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76+ Snappt is the highest-rated company in the market.

-25 0 25 50 75
Credit Score Average:
  • Equifax: -18
  • TransUnion: -4
  • Experion: -10
Bank Linking Average:
  • Plaid: 13
  • Finicity: 28
ID Verification Average:
  • CheckPoint ID: 33

Stop Fraud & Reduce Evictions

Learn how we can reduce your application fraud by 35% in four months

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