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  • Detect fraud, verify income, and confirm IDs with ease 
  • 99.8% accuracy in detecting fraudulent documents
  • Decrease bad debt by over 60%

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Over 8M+ documents analyzed making us the #1 document fraud detection company on the planet.


We scan documents from over 2,000+ financial institutions and catch fraudsters 99.8% of the time


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Optical Character Recognition

OCR can’t detect basic tactics employed by fraudsters, such as HTML replacement. It’s easily fooled by minor changes in the text, making it an unreliable method for safeguarding important information.

Credit Scores

An applicant’s financial history doesn’t always determine if a person intends to commit fraud. If an applicant passes a background check and has a good credit score, they might still submit fraudulent documents to secure a property.

Bank Linking

Bank linking is not required during the leasing process, so fraud may go undetected if an applicant chooses to opt-out. This technology is best used in combination with document fraud detection and other income verification methods.

See how much you can save:

Savings* $1,283,280

Snappt Eviction Rate* 2.33%

Portfolio Value Increase* $25,665,600

Annual Cost* $144,000

ROI* 891%

*Estimate based on average current client value using Snappt.

That’s right – these numbers are legit!

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Reduce risk, decrease bad debt, and lower eviction rates

With over 93% of property managers experiencing fraud in 2023*, you need a solution to stop fraudsters before they step foot on your property. Our AI-powered technology is easy to implement and analyzes over 10,000 features on a document, ensuring the authenticity of each one.

*Source: NMHC Survey

We’re the only fraud detection provider that conducts proactive fraud research

At Snappt, we’re always investing in our fraud system to protect our customers better. Our Fraud Forensics team spends all day, every day, researching the tools and tactics these bad actors use and uses that knowledge to improve our technology. To date, we’ve uncovered 780+ documents, DIY templates, and tools that enable individuals to commit fraud.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76+ Snappt is the highest-rated company in the market.

-25 0 25 50 75
Credit Score Average:
  • Equifax: -18
  • TransUnion: -4
  • Experion: -10
Bank Linking Average:
  • Plaid: 13
  • Finicity: 28
ID Verification Average:
  • CheckPoint ID: 33

Stop Fraud & Reduce Evictions

Learn how we can help reduce your bad debt by over 60%.

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