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Best Tenant Screening Services and Tools

Discover the screening tools that can streamline your leasing process, enhancing efficiency and saving you valuable time.

Snappt Partners with ResidentIQ® by Inhabit® to Enhance Resident Screening with Fraud Detection Services

Snappt joins forces with ResidentIQ to bring fraud detection to their resident screening platform.

The Hidden Threat: Inception Fraud and Its Impact on the Multifamily Industry

Learn about inception fraud, the new method fraudsters and using to sneak through the leasing process undetected.

What Are Smart Apartments and Why Are They the Future?

Learn how smart apartments are enhancing the tenant experience.

Snappt’s Ariel Guzman Earns Spot in NAA’s Esteemed 20 in Their Twenties

Snappt Regional Sales Director Ariel Guzman receives prestigious NAA 20 in Their Twenties award.

California Landlord-Tenant Laws

Learn about the various laws and rights pertaining to landlords and tenants in California.

An Easy Guide to Tenant Screening Laws

Review best practices for tenant screening and learn about the laws that dictate them.

Why Should You Put Your Trust in Snappt?

Learn why property managers across the nation put their trust in Snappt.

The Essential Buyer’s Guide for Fraud Detection

These are the questions you should be asking when selecting your fraud detection provider.

Fraudsters’ New Weapon: The Surge of AI-Generated IDs

Learn how to keep your properties and tenants safe from AI-generated fake IDs.

How to Spot ESA Fraud

Learn what an Emotional Support Animal is and how to spot ESA fraud.

Document Fraud Exposed: Tools and Tactics Used by Scammers

Discover the tactics used by fraudsters and how our Fraud Forensics team catches them.

Stop Fraud & Reduce Evictions

Learn how we can reduce your application fraud by 35% in four months

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