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We’re proud to be known as the industry leader in fraud detection. We’ve scanned over 4 million documents and maintain a 99.8% accuracy rate – proof that we can protect multifamily properties nationwide.

But we can’t catch everything. New companies with the goal of defeating our technology pop up every day – so we need your help!

We’re asking you to be our eyes and ears – if you come across a fraudulent company or individual that claims they can beat Snappt, or if an applicant mentions one of these nefarious businesses, report it. Our Fraud Forensics team takes these tips very seriously and will thoroughly investigate any company or individual who claims they can sneak past our system.

Fraud we’ve stopped

We’re constantly on the lookout for companies that say they can beat our technology. These ones have tried – and failed – to break through our defenses.

  • Form Source, LLC 
  • FormPros
  • Free Statements
  • Fresh Documents
  • Halfpricesoft
  • Hart2Hart Entertainment LLC
  • PayStub Direct
  • PayStub Hero
  • PaystubCreator
  • PayStubs
  • Paystubsnow, LLC
  • Paystubsonline
  • PDF Technologies, Inc
  • PDFStub
  • Real Check Stubs™
  • SecurePayStubs LLC
  • Smartsheet Inc
  • Spreadsheet123 Ltd
  • Stubcreator
  • Template Lab
  • The Paystubs
  • Vertex42 LLC
  • Wave Financial Inc
  • WorkSimpli Software, LLC

*Know of a fraudster that isn’t on this list? Send us a tip on the form below.

Document fraud is a big problem

People commit fraud for a whole host of different reasons – because they’re desperate, because they can, because they’re selfish, because they think they have no other choice, or because they do have a choice and don’t care. Regardless of their reasoning, the issue remains – document fraud is happening at an alarming rate.

That’s why at Snappt, we’re always investing in our fraud system. A critical part of that is our internal Fraud Forensics team, whose job is to stop it – a team that all day, every day, tries to break our technology.

In addition to their brilliant technical and social hacker acumen, they have a background in breaking into and defeating systems and being paid to do so, be it by banks, tech companies, or the government. Let’s just say you never want to be on their bad side.


Fraud doesn’t stop there

We are conscious that there is no shortage of individuals who provide services across Craiglist, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, etc. Our team takes these claims very seriously and protects our product against services provided by these solo operators. Don’t worry – we investigate and protect against these claims, too. If you see one, submit it via our form below.

Join our bounty program

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