Entrata Document Verification Powered by Snappt

Gain access to Snappt’s best-in-class document fraud detection directly within the Entrata ResidentVerify screening environment! Relying solely on bank linking or employment verification leaves room for fraudulent applicants to slip through undetected. By enabling Snappt, Entrata users can trust that every applicant’s supporting financial documentation undergoes rigorous scrutiny, effectively detecting any fraudulent activity.

  • Integrated directly into the ResidentVerfify screening workflow
  • Expedites the leasing process and improves applicant satisfaction
  • Keeps your process compliant with Fair Housing regulations

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Already a Snappt customer? You can easily make the switch by reaching out to your Entrata rep and requesting the upgrade! Our teams will collaborate to ensure a smooth and successful setup. You’ll continue to benefit from using the industry-leading fraud forensics research, but now with an extra touch of convenience.

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