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Income Verification

Prevent bad debt with our comprehensive income verification and fraud detection solution for property managers. Our advanced technology quickly and accurately verifies income and detects fraudulent activity, helping you make informed decisions regarding potential renters.

  • Embedded in your existing Snappt platform
  • Quick and easy verification of income documents
  • Protects your leasing team from fraud threats

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Over 8M+ documents analyzed making us the #1 fraud detection company on the planet.

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What You Get with Snappt

Protect your communities with our all-in-one solution

  • Document Fraud Detection
  • Identity Verification
  • Income Verification  Coming Soon
  • Fraud Pattern Recognition  New
  • Access to Snappt’s dedicated customer success team
  • Unlimited document and ID scans
  • SOC 2, FCRA, and Fair Housing-Compliance

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