Our Values

Our Values are in our DNA. We do not make important business decisions without keeping them in mind. They reflect not only what we stand for but who we are. They are a part of us and unique to us.

All company values should be unique and meaningful. Often, they are not. Execs sit in a room and throw around buzzwords and come up with things like “Communication. Respect. Integrity. Excellence.” Which all sounds well and good until you realize those were the company values of Enron – entirely meaningless and hollow.

We took a different path – we asked our employees four questions – how do we treat others, how do we improve, how do we solve problems, and how do we operate. What emerged was Be Kind, Live Curiously, Embrace Play, and Give a Sh!t. The initialism is BLEG – which we have decided is the sound a squid makes when you drop it on the floor.

Please read all our values below.


How we Treat Others

Be Kind

Effective collaboration and productivity thrive when we embrace kindness in our words and actions, even when conveying challenging or difficult messages.

How we Improve

Live Curiously

Be inquisitive, and embrace fearless experimentation. Our greatest knowledge is acquired through unexpected outcomes.

How we Solve Problems

Embrace Play

Donʻt forget to take breaks and play. Itʻs during these moments that our creativity and inspiration flow, enabling us to develop solutions that effortlessly tackle the most complex problems.

How we Operate

Give a Sh!t

Elevate your standards. Unleash the untapped potential inside you by investing genuine care in the outcomes you desire to achieve. It acts as a catalyst, propelling us all forward.

Pssst… If you read this far and are interested in becoming part of a team with values that mean something, take a look at our available job openings and come play with us. And if values aren’t your thing that’s okay; we’re not for everyone.

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