What’s with the Squid?

Say hello to Sherlock, our super-sleuthing multi-armed ink-spraying brand mascot


Sherlock_Standing Grounded (Mark)

Chapter 1

The Case of the Cephalopod

Why a Squid? Cephalopods can solve complex puzzles, unscrew the lids of containers and open the latches on boxes in order to obtain the food inside. They can also remember solutions to puzzles and learn to solve the same puzzle presented in different configurations. Additionally, they have been shown to have the capacity for future planning and reward processing after being tested with the Stanford marshmallow experiment, which means they probably have better impulse control than you do.

Chapter 2

The Game of Fraud

I get it, theyʻre intelligent, so why is he named Sherlock? Well for Sherlock Holmes of course. Sherlock Holmes is the definition of a top-notch detective. His sharp mind has the uncanny ability to uncover even the most well-hidden clues and smallest details. Not even the craftiest fraud can escape him. He can pick up on nuances and observe behavior that others might miss. Put simply: he never misses a thing. It’s as if he’s playing a Game of Fraud with each case he tackles, and he always comes out on top. Even the most complex cases unravel before him, as he carefully pieces together every fragment of information. Truly, he is the embodiment of our Fraud Detection AI, unmatched by any other. We are in a constant battle with fraudsters, and with Sherlock, the game is afoot!



Chapter 3

The Curious Copywright

“Wait a second aren’t yʻall worried about being sued by Conan Doyle’s Estate and getting locked up?” No, you see my good man, or women, the real Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes lost his copyright and all his stories and characters for all his works are now public domain. So we can say “Sherlock Holmes is now a Squid… nah-nah naah-nuh naaah naaaah!” and face no repercussions. Kinda cool. Sherlock the Squid, like his namesake he is sophisticated, brilliant, and well, a bit snarky. So there you have it. Now… we have a Squid.

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