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April 11, 2024

The Growing Trend for Move-In Ready Apartments

Daniel Berlind

Move-in ready apartments, or furnished apartments, can provide a fast, easy, and stylish way to jump-start your life in a new place, even if it can be more expensive than unfurnished apartments.

Whether you are renting or buying – or if you are just too busy – move-in ready apartments can be well worth the higher price tag.

In a nutshell, the term “move-in ready,” or turnkey, means that an apartment is in excellent condition and is ready for immediate occupancy. In many cases, this also means “furniture and décor included.”

The advantage of choosing a move-in ready unit is that you won’t have to make upgrades or repairs, and the apartment theoretically meets all city or local government requirements, such as areas related to electricity, plumbing, locking doors and windows, and passing pest inspections.

Move-In Ready Apartments: Ready When You Are

Here are some examples that further illustrate how a move-in ready apartment is a great option:

  • You will not need to paint or replace flooring
  • You will not have to wait until maintenance issues are resolved, such as a dripping faucet or a broken door hinge
  • Major areas – like HVAC systems – are all in proper working condition
  • The kitchen and bathrooms are in great shape and ready to use

Enjoy the Convenience Factor

There’s no denying that everyone has his or her priorities during the apartment-hunting journey. For some people, top-of-the-line appliances, granite countertops and an exercise room trump everything. For others, a reasonable price tag is the main priority.

However, for those individuals who prefer a different type of convenience, furnished, move-in ready apartments may be the right choice. The key is to do your homework, review all paperwork, and make sure there is a mutual understanding among all parties involved.


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