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Our predictive model, powered by our proprietary AI technology, has been trained by over 6,000,000 documents and scans over 10,000 data properties to determine if a document has been manipulated.

Our AI tech has required years of training to achieve our industry-leading 99.8% accuracy. We are acknowledged experts in document manipulation and verification and have retained some of the world’s foremost experts in AI/ML document analysis to vet our system.

We have built a scalable solution with a significant capital investment in our process and technology to ensure that we can meet the industry demand as we grow.

We currently scan over 200,000 documents monthly.

Snappt is accurate
99.8% accuracy in detecting fraud

PDF: the single guaranteed verification method

We accept documents from 2,000+ financial institutions

Snappt accepts these document types. Why? These are all secure document types generated by the original financial institution issuing them. Banking, Payroll, and Utility companies supply documents as PDFs ONLY, making it the single guaranteed document verification method.

  • Credit/Debit Card Statements
  • Cash App Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Pay Stubs
  • Utility Bills
  • Social Security Statements
  • Social Security Benefits Letter
  • Investment Accounts
  • Tax Transcripts (direct from IRS website)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Benefit Letters
  • I-20 Government-Approved Educational Institution Certification Document

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Learn how we can reduce your evictions + bad debt by 51%. Average 5x ROI puts money back into your properties.

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