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Snappt Announces Income Verification Offering to Further Aid Property Managers in the Fight Against Fraud

Snappt adds income verification to the Applicant Fraud Detection and Income Verification Suite.

Using Tax Returns for Income Verification: What Property Managers Need to Know

Learn how tax returns can be useful for verifying income and what to do if they appear to be fraudulent.

Common Ways Applicants Fake Proof of Income

Explore the ways that applicants fake proof of income and how you can protect your business.

Income Verification for Property Managers

Discover the significance of income verification in the screening process and explore effective methods for implementation.

Snappt and Entrata Unveil Partnership to Enhance Document Fraud Detection in Resident Screening

Snappt partners with Entrata to bring fraud detection to their ResidentVerify screening platform.

Case Study: Northwood Ravin

Discover how Snappt enabled to Northwood Ravin reduce fraudulent applications, minimize bad debt, and lower evictions.

Everything You Need to Know About Identity Fraud

Learn about the different types of identity fraud, how to prevent it, and how it affects multifamily property managers.

CFPB 1033: Does It Affect Your Data?

Discover the impact of CFPB on data and disclosures.

What Is Proof of Income? (And How to Get It)

Review the importance of proof of income for applicants and how to obtain it.

CPN Fraud and Its Impact on Property Managers

Learn about CPNs and how applicants use them to falsify their credit history.

Snappt Partners with ResidentIQ® by Inhabit® to Enhance Resident Screening with Fraud Detection Services

Snappt joins forces with ResidentIQ to bring fraud detection to their resident screening platform.

The Hidden Threat: Inception Fraud and Its Impact on the Multifamily Industry

Learn about inception fraud, the new method fraudsters and using to sneak through the leasing process undetected.

Stop Fraud & Reduce Evictions

Learn how we can help reduce your bad debt by over 60%.

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